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Dual Effect sleeping pack- intense repair whitening and anti-wrinkle

Tony Moly is a brand of Korean skincare and cosmetics, and is endorsed by Kim Hyun Joong, the guy with the blond hair on Boys over Flowers (K-version). He has baby-smooth skin!

You only need a red bean sized amount, and apply to your entire face. It has a texture of a thick gel, and is a little sticky when applied.

I think this mask is too rich for me. Silly me used this 2 nights in a row (woke up to moisturised skin on the first morning), and slight rashes over my cheek and chin area on the 3rd morning. So I can’t really comment on the efficacy of its whitening and anti-wrinkle functions, but I believe it is a decent moisturing mask. Just don’t be like me and use it 2 nights in a row!

If anyone is interested, I am selling this for $15 shipped. Used twice and was brand new when I got it.


Orders from Gmarket korea (including seller links):

Tony Moly skincare – Berry Berry wrinkle sleeping pack, Tomatoe brightening pack, Dual effect sleeping pack, gel eyeshadow, gwp (mini liquid blusher, hand wipes, samples of sleeping packs, cotton pads). Seller link

Etude house – Green tea cleansing wipes, Sunblock, Collagen cream set, gwp (diary and tissue). Seller link

Feather hairbands (4,000 won for the one on the left, 13,800 won for the one on the right) Seller link

Necklace. Seller link

Winter hats. Seller link

Lush: Angels on bare skin, Silky underwear dusting powder, bath bombs and snowcake soap. Seller link

More reviews as I slowly start to try my stash. Basically the korean skincare items were cheap, and i received a sample of the EH collagen cream with my previous order and it was a basic moisturiser. On the whole though I find korean skincare very fragranced at times, so it’s not always suitable for me.

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