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Latest Nail polish additions to my collection:

OPI We’ll Always have paris (suede), OPI Pink before you leap and OPI Blushingham Palace. The BNB polish is a pink glitter liner.

Pink before you leap is a glitterly light pink (with blueish flecks) while Blushingham Palace is a gorgeous coral pink.

Now on to my NOTW

China Glaze Candie (from the glitter collection) Made a mistake by applying this over my normal base coat. This is a rather sheer colour and to achieve the colour in the bottle I painted 5-6 coats, followed by 2 thick coats of Seche Vite top coat. I forsee that this will be difficult to remove but for the time being, just enjoying my nails. Since its such a thick coat of nail polish it *kinda* looks like i have acrylic nails on lol.


SInce I’ve added alot of nail polishes recently, I decided to take pics of my entire collection

Bases + nail mask

Top coats









A grand total of 78 bottles….a lot but you never feel that its enough. I would say that the most used would be my glittery reds and vampy purples. Most of my collection (OPI/China Glaze/Orly) were bought online from 8ty8beauty.com or transdesign.com. Very few were bought locally except for the Etude House polishes. Yes I am a polish snob so the bulk of my collection are salon brands. I’m lazy to label all the polishes in the pics individually, but do give me a shout if you’re keen to identify a particular polish 🙂

These are my xmas nails, not very elaborate as I have an external meeting tomorrow and I have to look professional.

This is very glittery, deep green shimmer, after 3 coats. 2 coats are fine but that’s just me. This is easy to apply, took a little longer to dry though. Nothing says xmas like this shade of green!

Apologies for MIA over the apst few weeks, basically I spent time online shopping and basically Christmas came early for me as all my orders arrived:
From US:

Nubar going green collection (Big 3 free nail polishes)

Nailpolishes from Transdesign.com

China Glaze: Candie, Doll House, Atlantis, Dorothy Who? and Emerald Glaze

DVDs from Amazon.com

Lip balms, hand cream and Dermological sensitive skin travel set

Urban Decay primer potion in sin and Tarte treasure chest (i think this is now oos but it is the most pigmented e/s and blushers i have ever used and i need to be careful not to overdo it, the lip glosses are a little too drying on me though)

Shimmery e/s, matte e/s and lippies

blushers and lippies

Another nails of the day, I realised that I can’t use NOTW cos this is the 2nd set I’ve had on my nails today (the first being OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight) which is similiar except for the red-microglitter

I really liked this when I tried it on in the shop, so I had to get it. It’s a vampy shade, dark purple with red micro-glitter. I had a little problems with the application as it was a little watery, so ended up with 3 coats so that it would look opaque. Other than that, it is a nice colour. Since the red glitters are pretty fine,you won’t see it as much if you apply it on your toes (it looked like I had painted my toes a brownish-shade) so I’d rec it for fingers only

I think I went slightly nail polish crazy this week, 4 different colours withn 7 days. And one last thing, since the lighting in my home sucks, I bought a reading lamp for use when I paint my nails. Of course I had to buy the Hello Kitty reading lamp, although my dad asked as I was waiting at the cashier ‘why do you need a hello kitty lamp’. Hello pinkness!

As you can see, I’m really loving my Etude House Petit Darling nail polishes (only $2.50 each). While it can be difficult to apply nail polish with smaller bottles, I haven’t noticed any difference with these and the larger bottles which retail for $7.90. These are a cheap bargain for me, especially since I am going through a creme finish phase that is easily satisfied by these. Do note that I am a vampy polish sorta girl, think dark reds, purples etc.

EH Petit Darling nails BR 301

I just bought this colour yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to see how it looked like on my nails. It does look slighty more red-toned irl. I had a little trouble with the consistency of this one though, it was slightly watery so I had to paint 3 coats for it to look even. I like stores which are sincere in selling you the product (think nail polish removers and cotton pads), plus did I mention the free fluffy pen with any purchase 😉

This is random but the Sephora brand nail polish remover doesn’t remove nail polish that easily. I went swatch crazy at Sephora Ion (thus why my previous nail polish was removed so quickly after less than a week) and had a difficult time removing my old nail polish. It also seemed really greasy as well. I am still planning my transdesign order as there are so many new polishes to collect.
Mascara reviews coming up: Bourjois Volume Clubbing (Ultra Black) vs Fairy Drops (available in Watson’s now for $24.90) vs Majolica Majorca Lashes My Lashes Extend Elegantly (I’ve just found out that this has been discontinued, so I’m really disappointed as it was one mascara I was pretty happy with)

Etude House Nail polish + Eternal nail stickers

What I used:

PA stickers, PA base coat, EH #24, Orly Tiara

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