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thank you gmarket for featuring this blog as one of the top bloggers in Jan and for the 50,000W gift card. Those of you who have purchased items off gmarket, what are you waiting for? Start blogging now and register your blog when you sign into gmarket


Orders from Gmarket korea (including seller links):

Tony Moly skincare – Berry Berry wrinkle sleeping pack, Tomatoe brightening pack, Dual effect sleeping pack, gel eyeshadow, gwp (mini liquid blusher, hand wipes, samples of sleeping packs, cotton pads). Seller link

Etude house – Green tea cleansing wipes, Sunblock, Collagen cream set, gwp (diary and tissue). Seller link

Feather hairbands (4,000 won for the one on the left, 13,800 won for the one on the right) Seller link

Necklace. Seller link

Winter hats. Seller link

Lush: Angels on bare skin, Silky underwear dusting powder, bath bombs and snowcake soap. Seller link

More reviews as I slowly start to try my stash. Basically the korean skincare items were cheap, and i received a sample of the EH collagen cream with my previous order and it was a basic moisturiser. On the whole though I find korean skincare very fragranced at times, so it’s not always suitable for me.

During the recent summer sales on Gmarket in September, I bought the last piece of this dress from seller Heelstar I’ve been loving this dree with leggings, and worn it at least 5 times since I received it in October. Now size wise, I followed the chart and got it in the larger size (which is equvalent to an ‘M’). I’m a UK10-12. Now on to the material and the cut: I paid ₩ 19,000 since it was on sale, and got free shipping. For the price I paid, I’m pretty happy with it, although on warmer days the chiffon material does feel a little rough and there are several loose threads on the seam. I would not have paid full price (ard ₩40,000) for it though and this is the average range of her clothes. I’m very pleased with the dress, and the seller has been reccomended on other forums I frequent.

Picture from the link


On me


VOV is a korean skincare and cosmetics brand, and I’ve read many good reviews about these masks. There’s 2 types- a sheet mask or a wash off pack (which is slightly cheaper). The good thing is they’re all individually packed, with 10 in a box. It saves me the trouble of washing a scooper each time I wanna use a mask thats packaged in a tub. The wash off pack has a generous amount so there is enough for 3 applications.

VOV Daily Fresh Mask

Coenzyme Q10 white, Pomegranate Collagen, Strawberry Yoghurt Collagen, Black Raspberry Collagen, Green Tea Collagen (yup you can never have enough collagen)

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack

Apple AHA Peeling Gel, Lifting Berry & Berry Pack

So far I’ve tried the Green tea sheet mask and Apple wash off pack. My skin is oily dehydrated and is prone to redness. The green tea sheet mask gave me a tingly sensation so I only left it on for 10 mins, but it was okay once I removed it. It gave an immediate brightening effect(both my mum and I used it after a hot day outside) whereas the Apple AHA peeling get stung slightly, and despite its name is a wash off pack cos I tried to peel it and it didn’t work.

Seller link for sheet mask (11,200 won/pack) and wash off pack (5,600 won/pack) here Got them from the same seller but I didn’t order enough to not pay the delivery fee (another 2,500 won). Seller shipped out pretty quickly and the production dates for the sheet masks are only a few months ago, although I couldn’t find a manufacturing date for the wash off packs.

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I have fallen in love with Etude House’s nail polishes, not only do they have nice shades of pink, the smaller sizes are pocket friendly at onlt $2.50 a pop. The larger ones are $7.90. I find that for the nail polish its not cost effective to get them off gmarket, since they are 1,000 won and 3,000 won respectively ( i’ve been paying about S$2-3/item for shipping so i only bought one online and the rest instore) but here’s the link if you’re still keen. This is the official Etude House seller on gmarket and I’ve always ordered my EH items from them. More on my gmarket hauls in another post 🙂

My entire collection

Close ups

Here’s what they look like on my nails

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