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I redeemed this 25 ml sample form fr3b concept store at Stamford House. So far it’s the only sample I’ve really liked that I am probably going to buy when I have finished the sample.


Nice body lotion with a scent which reminds me of a sugarcane body lotion I got from a natural shop eons ago (similiar to the body shop) but the name escapes me right now.  The scent is not so generic like other drugstore brand scents. Moisturising enough for our hot weather and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

A one year membership to the concept store costs $28 but you can check up to 8 samples each time. Or sign up for a free membership at http://fr3b.com and check out samples online (just pay for postage). Interested? Please click on the link below so that I can earn referral points.


thank you gmarket for featuring this blog as one of the top bloggers in Jan and for the 50,000W gift card. Those of you who have purchased items off gmarket, what are you waiting for? Start blogging now and register your blog when you sign into gmarket


hi all,

well this is the obligatory post to my new blog, i’m hoping that you will all bear with my ramblings about my purchases and i will update with reviews on anything i’ve tried. hopefully this blog will also help me keep track of all my purchases, hence the title ‘its never enough’, cos it never is 😉

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