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Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur cooling masque from www.skinwest.com

Posted on: December 29, 2009

When I need to order MD Skincare  or Peter Thomas Roth products I order from http://www.skinwest.com
So far I’ve ordered twice, and you have to be very patient when you order. It’s because they only order your item after you make your order, and they charge your credit card immediately as well. My first order took 3 weeks to be shipped out and my last order took 4 weeks, ordered on Nov 11 and just received it today (Dec 29)!

Of course, skinwest.com only charges me US$2.99 for international shipping (postage on the box was US$13.65) so I can’t complain. Plus the prices are still cheaper than our local Sephora.

So what did I get?

Peter Thomas Roth Sulphur cooling mask and Model in a Bottle (face primer), not pictured is PTR cucumber mask for my mum. I was only gonna order the Sulphur Cooling mask but they had a promotion (i think it was spend over $80 and received a Dermalogical Age Smart sampler pack and 5 assorted Dermalogica samples so I ordered more. The current promo on skinwest is spend a minimun of $69 and received a 10ml of the Dermalogical Age Smart Dynamic Skin recovery or Cellex-C perfecting pen. I got a better deal since the sample pack also includes a  7ml Dynamic Skin recovery.

Samples I received:

I finished my 1st tub of the sulfur mask in 9 months, although I havent tried the other 2 products.

Pros: Very good at flatenning my pimples, can also be used as an overnight spot treatment)

Cons: Finished very quickly in 9 months

Price: US$40 (online) or S$90 at Sephora


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