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Tony Moly Dual effect sleeping pack- review

Posted on: December 25, 2009

Dual Effect sleeping pack- intense repair whitening and anti-wrinkle

Tony Moly is a brand of Korean skincare and cosmetics, and is endorsed by Kim Hyun Joong, the guy with the blond hair on Boys over Flowers (K-version). He has baby-smooth skin!

You only need a red bean sized amount, and apply to your entire face. It has a texture of a thick gel, and is a little sticky when applied.

I think this mask is too rich for me. Silly me used this 2 nights in a row (woke up to moisturised skin on the first morning), and slight rashes over my cheek and chin area on the 3rd morning. So I can’t really comment on the efficacy of its whitening and anti-wrinkle functions, but I believe it is a decent moisturing mask. Just don’t be like me and use it 2 nights in a row!

If anyone is interested, I am selling this for $15 shipped. Used twice and was brand new when I got it.


1 Response to "Tony Moly Dual effect sleeping pack- review"

How am i going 2 buy from u? Do u have others tony moly product i’m looking 4 the berry berry whitening sleeping pack and pore clear cleansing and tomato mask 2 shipping 2 me,email me if u have thanks!

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