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Gmarket clothes seller- Heelstar

Posted on: November 16, 2009

During the recent summer sales on Gmarket in September, I bought the last piece of this dress from seller Heelstar I’ve been loving this dree with leggings, and worn it at least 5 times since I received it in October. Now size wise, I followed the chart and got it in the larger size (which is equvalent to an ‘M’). I’m a UK10-12. Now on to the material and the cut: I paid ₩ 19,000 since it was on sale, and got free shipping. For the price I paid, I’m pretty happy with it, although on warmer days the chiffon material does feel a little rough and there are several loose threads on the seam. I would not have paid full price (ard ₩40,000) for it though and this is the average range of her clothes. I’m very pleased with the dress, and the seller has been reccomended on other forums I frequent.

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