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Etude House #35

Posted on: November 15, 2009

Another nails of the day, I realised that I can’t use NOTW cos this is the 2nd set I’ve had on my nails today (the first being OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight) which is similiar except for the red-microglitter

I really liked this when I tried it on in the shop, so I had to get it. It’s a vampy shade, dark purple with red micro-glitter. I had a little problems with the application as it was a little watery, so ended up with 3 coats so that it would look opaque. Other than that, it is a nice colour. Since the red glitters are pretty fine,you won’t see it as much if you apply it on your toes (it looked like I had painted my toes a brownish-shade) so I’d rec it for fingers only

I think I went slightly nail polish crazy this week, 4 different colours withn 7 days. And one last thing, since the lighting in my home sucks, I bought a reading lamp for use when I paint my nails. Of course I had to buy the Hello Kitty reading lamp, although my dad asked as I was waiting at the cashier ‘why do you need a hello kitty lamp’. Hello pinkness!


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